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One in four students in LHISD are at-risk of hunger, which means they don’t have consistent access to enough nutritious food. Many of these children rely on school meals to provide breakfast and lunch during the school year. Community Pathways Organization’s Panther Pack Program works to fill that gap by providing nutritious food for school children to take home over the weekend. The Panther Pack Program is a hunger prevention, nutrition program where LHISD students receive healthy foods every weekend through the school year. Please consider helping the program meet the needs of our community. Non-perishable foods can be donated (individual serving sizes only). Items needed include:


Granola Bars                                                                                      Cereal (individual cups, small boxes or pouches

Vienna Sausages  4.6 cans                                                                Instant Individual serving Oatmeal                

Canned Pasta w/Meat (Chef Boyardee or HEB Hill Country)        Microwave Individual Mac n' Cheese Cups

      (Ravioli, Spaghetti O's w/franks, Beenie Weenies )                  100% Fruit Juice Box or pouch

Fruit or Applesauce Cups (individual serving)                                 Raisins (Small Individual boxes)

Peanut Butter Crackers                                                                      Ramen Noodles

Shelf Stable Milk (8oz) Vanilla or White                                            Microwave Popcorn (individual serving)

Beef Sticks (Small individually packed)                                             Pretzels or Cheese Nips (individual serving pkg)                  

Donations can be dropped off  or we can pick up.  Please contact or (512) 528-3913. 

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Panthe Pack

We believe every child should have access to sufficient nutritional food.

We need your support today!

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